Thick. Thicker. Thickest.

The name says it all. Blast with Biotin and Coconut Oil to help create beautiful volume and silky smoothness. Our formula provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce stress, allowing your hair to reach its full potential. Our nourishing blend adds strength and moisture to help protect hair while giving you the ultimate thickness!

+ Thicker & Fuller Hair
+ Add Volume & Moisture
+ Create Incredible Shine


BIOTIN: Natural ingredient that promotes growth and strength in hair.
COCONUT OIL: Moisturizes hair and scalp. Promotes shine and softness.


Curly. Curlier. Curliest.

Bring on the curls! Give your curls the much-needed attention they deserve! Our potent blend of Jojoba Oil, Golden Flax Seed and Castor Oil is specifically designed to enhance, condition and maintain curls. A nutrient dense blend of proteins, precious oils and fatty acids help create and hold beautiful, soft, bouncy curls.

+ De-Frizz & Define Curls
+ Moisturize & Condition Curls
+ Hydrate & Soften Hair


JOJOBA OIL: Rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair.
CURVELINI: extracted from Golden Flax Seeds, rich in proteins and precious oils. Improves definition, softness, and formation of curls.
CASTOR OIL: Conditions hair for smoothness and shine. Moisturizes the scalp.


Long. Longer. Longest.

Longer is better! Let your locks reach their full potential! This one-of-a-kind blend of Buriti Fruit Oil and Pea Protein help strengthen and repair damaged hair, while Provitamin B Complex helps protect from damage and improve elasticity. This unique combination will keep your hair feeling healthy and happy all day.

+ Improve Elasticity
+ Protection from Irritation & Damage
+ Revitalize & Strengthen


BURITI FRUIT OIL: Rich in Provitamin A and Provitamin C. Strengthens, restores, and smooths hair.
PEA PROTEIN: Absorbs and penetrates to damaged hair, revitalizes, strengthens, repairs and smooths hair surface.
PROVITAMIN B COMPLEX: helps to condition, moisturize, soften, and improve elasticity. Irritation protectant.


Strong. Stronger. Strongest.

Strong Hair is Happy Hair! Find the strength you did not know you had with Pea Protein to help strengthen and moisturize the hair cuticle. Complimented with a blend of Amino Acids that penetrate deep into the hair to help remove years of damage. This strength building shampoo will have your hair feeling strong and healthy all day.

+ Strengthen & Moisturize
+ Revitalize & Remove Damage
+ Soften & Nourish Cuticle


PEA PROTEIN: Absorbs and penetrates to damaged hair, revitalizes, strengthens, repairs and smooths hair surface.
AMINO ACIDS: Improves Elasticity, Moisture & Strength. Repairs existing damage.


Fresh. Fresher. Freshest.

More Tea Tree Please! Wake up with a burst of crisp Tea Tree to invigorate your hair and scalp while awakening your senses. This energizing blend will leave your hair feeling fresh and clean all day.

+ Invigorate and Cleanse Scalp and Hair
+ Fresh Clean Feeling
+ Awaken Senses


TEA TREE: Helps to clear follicles and allows hair to breathe. Cleansing properties.